The photographs from my GO WEST series are hung in a salon-style installation - with the majority of the images on one wall. I take inspiration from the wall of family photographs at my grandmother's farm in Iowa - evoking the feel of a "home" environment. Replacing the old family members with the “stand ins” I have met along the way. I frame the photographs in vintage frames, of various sizes and styles, which I find while on the road - making each piece one of a kind and lending to the idea of found object/photograph. The installation varies in size depending on the venue and can be expanded beyond the installation shown above.

The prints from my GO WEST series are C Prints, including the black and white images. I choose to print my black and white images as C prints - giving a modern twist to the 18th century portraiture style - adding tones of blues, browns, and pinks. The prints range in size from 16"x20" to 48”x60”. I shoot film for the color images and Positive / Negative Polaroid for the black and white images - allowing for accidental imperfections that lend to the found photo feel and giving the images a timeless quality.

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